Facility Use Guidelines
VillageWalk Facility Usage Guidelines
VillageWalk residents sixteen (16) years of age and older who hold a current Amenity Access/ID card are eligible to access all VillageWalk facilities.  Cardholders under the age of sixteen (16) must have a parent or guardian accompany them at all the facilities with the exception of the swimming pools.  Swimming pool access is available to all residents twelve (12) years of age and older. Areas such as the Basketball Court, and Playground do not have any age limits or requirement of an Amenity Access/ID card.
Facility Use Guidelines
The following rules and regulations governing the use of all VillageWalk amenities have been created to provide equal opportunity and protect the rights of each participant.  Staff and security personnel are employed to interpret and enforce the usage guidelines, as well as any posted rules or regulations.  As a member of the VillageWalk community, you have a responsibility to understand and abide by these guidelines and other rulings.
All recreational facilities and playgrounds furnished by VillageWalk, shall be used at the risk of the user, and VillageWalk shall not be held liable to any person or persons for any claim, damage, or injury occurring thereon or related to use of thereof.
Fitness Center Rules
Pool Rules
Tennis Court Rules
ID Cards
Participants must possess appropriate identification and provide it to staff or security personnel upon request.  ID cards are not transferable and are for the exclusive use of the person pictured on the card.  Cards will be confiscated if presented by anyone other than the rightful owner.  VillageWalk reserves the right to request identification at any time. Misuse of a VillageWalk ID card will result in the penalties as described in the VillageWalk policy related to Violations and Fines.
Use of VillageWalk amenities is a privilege, and participants are expected to be good citizens and respect the rights of others.  Individuals who engage in unacceptable or irresponsible behavior may have their access cards revoked or modified indefinitely.
Entry and exit of facilities must always be through the designated main entrance and exit.  Individuals entering or exiting through non-designated doors may have their access cards revoked.
Food and Drink
Food and drink are permitted in designated areas only.  Glass containers are prohibited from the pool decks at all times.
Smoking and tobacco products are not allowed at any of the amenities.
Alcoholic beverages may be consumed by residents twenty-one (21) years of age and older during special events or in the designated pool areas.  Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the Tennis Courts or in the Fitness Center.  Illegal drugs are prohibited in all areas at all times.
Bicycles, Etc.
Bicycles, rollers skates, rollerblade, and skateboard use is prohibited in all facilities.  Any of these above items if brought to an amenity, should be left outside and not obstruct any entrance or exit doors.
Pets, other than service animals, are prohibited at all facilities.
Headphones or earbuds are required for personal stereos (MP3 players, phones, iPods, etc.)
Posted Rules
Specific policies and facility regulations are posted on-site and must be observed.  Verbal instruction issued by staff or security personnel must be strictly followed.  See above for specific facility rules.
Facility Closures
Facilities may be closed when warranted (i.e., special events, maintenance, etc.).  Advance notice will be provided when possible.
Guests may use the amenities of VillageWalk as long as they adhere to the above regulations and the VillageWalk policy regarding Guest Use of Facilities.  VillageWalk residents must be present with guests unless the guest has a temporary guest pass available from the Activities Office.