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Real Estate Agents
Below you will find some useful information regarding selling/buying and leasing properties in VillageWalk.
For Estoppel requests please contact our management company Capitol Realty Advisors at 561-624-5888.
Procedures regarding sales and leases in VillageWalk:
  • The entire application must be filled out ( no exceptions).
  • The contract to purchase/lease must be attached to the application when sending to the HOA office.
  • There is a $150 application for all leases in VillageWalk regardless if its a 1 year lease or a seasonal.
  • There is no application fee for sale applications, however there is a 2 month contribution to Capital made at the time of closing. The contribution to Capital is 2 months worth of HOA dues. If you are unaware of the current dues please see the chart below.
 Capri Homes $1,242.00
Oakmont Homes $1,320.00
Carlyle Homes $1,377.00
Admiralty Homes $1,440.00
  • Leases - Barcodes and ID cards appointments are made once the date of the lease begins, not before the start date of the lease. No exceptions.
  • Sales - Barcodes and ID card appointments are made once we receive the deed from Capital. 
  • All sales and lease applications require a 14 business day processing period. No exceptions. 
  • It is the responsibility of the sellers agent or representative to follow up with the HOA office once the 14 business day period has completed. 
  • There are no open house signage allowed in VillageWalk. See Use Restrictions Article 9 in section 9.2.A.Signs.
  • The address and phone number to the office are located on the application.
  • Once a Certificate of Approval is generated the agent or designated party must pick up the COA in person at the HOA office. The window is open Monday - Friday 9 am - 4 pm. We do not fax, email or mail out the COA. 
                                                   Thank you for your cooperation!