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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

~ Special Announcements and Community Updates ~
The next Board of Directors' Meeting is
Wednesday, October 26, 2016, 7pm.
       VillageWalk HOA Board of Directors        
Cliff Gerstenhaber - President
   Ron Prevete - Vice President  
                     Jim Nordstrom - Treasurer                    
Dom Giannotta - Secretary
Herbert Brown - Director
Chuck Cohen - Director
Laura Comas - Director
Please see the August newsletter for new information regarding replacements and maintenance. 
Comcast Contract Update
New information will be available shortly.
In light of the recent tragedy at Disney World, we renew our prior alerts to residents.  While the many waterways that surround us are beautiful parts of VillageWalk, please remember that alligators are a fact of life throughout Florida, and our waterways are no exception.  Please always exercise caution when you, your children and/or your pets are near our – and any – waterways.  Never feed any wildlife, it causes them to become domesticated, lose their fear of humans, and to perceive humans and pets as sources of food for them.  While feeding wildlife is especially life-threatening in the case of alligators, even cranes and other wildlife become aggressive towards humans and their property (windows, sliders, screens, etc.) once they know that we are potential sources of food.  There is an abundance of natural food available to the wildlife surrounding us, they do not need additional feeding.  And beyond the major safety concerns, feeding wildlife is illegal.  The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission passed a restriction on feeding wildlife – including sandhill cranes – effective May 2002.  People who are caught feeding these birds and other animals can face steep fines and jail time [Florida Fish and Wildlife Code 68A-4.00(3)].  As to alligators, you may wish to review information about living with alligators appearing on the following Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website:  By all means, please enjoy the beautiful wildlife that reside with us in VillageWalk, just do so from a safe distance, and allow the wildlife to co-exist with us in their environs without human interference.
VillageWalk Café and Market
Current Hours:  Tuesday-Friday, 11am-7pm
                           Saturday-Sunday, 8am-4pm
                           Closed Monday
Deliveries, weekly specials and early dinners are all available from the Café.  Specifics about each are available in the Café, stop in! 
Telephone:  561-642-8700
Management Office Hours:  Monday-Friday 8am-5pm, 561-967-3337.
Window Hours:  Monday-Friday 8am-4pm.
After-hours Emergency, please call 561-624-5888.

Bar codes and photo ID cards are done by appointment only:
Monday-Friday, 1:30pm to 3:30pm.
Please call 561-967-3337 to schedule an appointment.
~ Neighborhood News ~
Future Board Meetings
Posted on Jul 30th, 2016
The next Board of Directors' Meeting is Wednesday, October 26, 2016, 7pm. 
AED Units
Posted on Aug 8th, 2014
Two AED units have been installed.  One is located inside the gym and the other is behind the Café near the resort pool.  We will be scheduling another AED class in the near future.
Posted on Aug 8th, 2014
VillageWalk is on Facebook!  Make sure you visit our page and "Like" us.
Travelling and Preparing Your Home?
Posted on Jun 25th, 2014

Remember to secure your property against hurricane damage and follow the guidelines as set forth in the HOA Covenants. If you are taking an extended vacation or returning to your home up north, please designate a responsible person or firm to secure your home against hurricane damage in accordance with HOA Covenants shown below. The responsible person or firm should also be instructed to care for your home should it suffer hurricane damage.
--Remove all furniture, potted plants, and other movable objects from your  yard.
--Hurricane shutters may be put in place or closed for two (2) periods of up to fifteen (15) days each between June 1 and November 30 when you are away from home
--Hurricane shutters may be put in place or closed not more than seventy-two (72) hours before and seventy-two (72) hours after a storm event.
--Hurricane shutters may be put in place on first floor rear windows during any period of time.
~ Survey ~
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~ Pic of the Week~
Photo Courtesy of Cathy Forney

~ Upcoming Events ~
Team BeachBody--Meets Weekly
Thursday, January 7th to Saturday, December 31st, 9am at Town Center
Thursdays, 9am, for the summer months.  Free to VillageWalk residents, all fitness levels are welcome.
Thursday, January 21st to Saturday, December 31st, 7pm
Please note there will be no Bunco for August -- it will resume in September.
Monday, January 25th to Saturday, December 31st at Town Center
Meets Mondays.  Gentle Yoga is at 3pm, and Chair Yoga is at 4:30pm.  Call Suzanne at 967-3771 for more information. 
Tuesday, May 3rd to Saturday, December 31st
Pilates Classes have been discontinued for the summer due to lack of participation.  It is possible they will resume in the Fall, and we will update you if so.